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Anonymous asked: would you mweet a follower in LA? D":D)

yea if u come off anon plz!

omg i remember I did a tumblr meetup in h.s (10th grade i think) and had a lot of ppl saying they were going to come and the meet up place was venice beach (I stupidly didn’t say a SPECIFIC place in venice) and that day there was a music festival going on so there was sooo much people and I never got to met anyone (I got a lot of sad/angry messages from ppl who went and couldn’t find me) I felt bad. I need to redeem myself.

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stills from my first analog film I shot earlier in the semester. Just got it digitized and I’m going to edit it soon. These finals are killing me softly can’t wait for summer and being back in l.a

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FKA twigs for The Fader Magazine (set #1)

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City of Angels

By Petra Collins and Arvida Byström.

I love Arvida’s work.
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City of Angels

By Petra Collins and Arvida Byström.

I love Arvida’s work.

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Exploring the idea of editing through selected works of Yayoi Kasuma.

Yayoi Kasuma (
草間 彌生)(official site here) is a Japanese artist and writer.

Her works are renowned for their repetition, patterns, psychedelic nature and their inclusion of recurring polka dots. Though her compositions we can see how the act of editing and compositing can be effective at bringing together seemingly disconnected objects, into a connected, unified whole. In regards to her work, this is achieved by her repeated use and inclusion of the polka dot pattern. The objects and spaces have now been “stitched” together by their shared pattern.

The reason for her choosing the pattern of polka dots is because her hallucinations often consisted of this reoccurring pattern, as well as the fact that she sees her life as “a dot lost among millions of other dots”. Her fascination also stems from the dots being seen as “a round shape that has no end, and therefore is infinite”.

Even from her two photographs you can observe how she has edited and refined her appearances based on her obsession with polka dots.

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